The family shoot that needed a video camera!

Life with children is interesting, Life with twins must be exhausting. These three fellas were hilarious. As a photographer I love to get a glimpse inside the little details that makes each person and family unique. This family was so much fun and entertaining, they just made me work a little bit for the perfect picture!

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About sunshinequeen

Being the wise now 30 year old I am, I discovered years ago life is better when I take time to enjoy it. Be it big yellow balloons, crossing the finish line to a marathon, eating ice cream, mental health vacations, falling in love with my boys (husband, dog-child, and son), or creating something spectacular...there are so many ways to Enjoy the little things in Life. Just start. So I created this blog to share all the little tidbits that make me smile (usually). I should note I've learned that randomness is a necessity for me, which may be reflected in this blog.

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